Atlanta DUI Lawyer on The Power of Visualizing Your Financial Goals

Atlanta DUI lawyerWishing for an abundance of money, and being certain that it is already on the way, two completely different strategies that produce two completely different outcomes. Think back to all the times you wished something had happened, and carefully analyze the results. Then consider all the times that you knew you were going to achieve something, like filing your taxes on April 14th, preparing for a tax audit, or finishing a term paper that was due the next day. When you apply laser focus and already know the outcome, you activate a part of the brain that works on overdrive to make certain you are in line with those goals.  Here is some personal advice from an Atlanta DUI lawyer on how she achieves her own financial success.

Creating a Vision Board
A vision board is simple a place you post images of things you want to attain this year. If your financial goals are to acquire $10,000, you need to shift the focus and place images on that vision board that you will purchase with the money. So maybe you want to buy a new pool, car, or take a vacation with the money. No one wants money just to have pieces of paper with dead presidents on it. Place images of what you really want, and look at the pictures each day to affirm the goal in your subconscious.

The Power of Affirmations
It doesn’t matter what type affirmation you repeat each day, you just have to say them with enough conviction that you believe what you are saying. These short but powerful sentences help to keep you on track with your financial goals. One of the biggest benefits of repeating positive financial affirmations is that you are keeping the mind from focusing on negative thoughts. By staying positive, you help to keep rolling in a direction that will attain all of those goals in a shorter amount of time.

Analyzing the Results
The biggest mistake you can make when setting goals is not being flexible in the outcome. If you do not allow for change, you will steer off course more than not. The key to reaching the goals is to study the results each day, see if you are heading in the right direction, and make small changes along the way if your plan is not happening fast enough. These small changes, compounded daily, can result in you arriving at the goal in a manner that is completely different than the one that you had originally planned out on paper.